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Who would you like to see return in season 8 of Doctor Who?

Posted by admin on January - 16 - 2014


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Who would you like to see return in season 8 of Doctor Who?

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66 Responses so far.

  1. Nik Campos says:

    Jack Harkness appeared in too many episodes, in my opinion

    • Jaime Ruiz Palacios says:

      River Song in even more, and she wasn’t as good as Jack

    • Jack Sweeney says:

      He was in twelve episodes. Anyway, I really want can to come back, because Capaldi was in season three of Torchwood and Moffat already said he wasn’t going to ignore that. I would really like to see them together again.

      • Rupti says:

        Jack being all “Frobisher? What the hell? You died!”
        And The Doctor would be like “What? Who? Huh?”

        And honestly I’d like to see Jack come back regardless of the Capaldi story. He’s just a great and well developed character, and it’s sad to see him go. Especially considering Torchwood is probably dead

  2. Cassidy says:

    Captain Jack would be awesome to have back!
    Oh! And Jenny from “The Doctor’s Daughter”!
    They’re both freakin’ awesome!

  3. Jason says:

    You guys should bring BOTH back for at least an episode or two. It’d be cool to see them meet since I don’t believe Jack and River actually have ever met… We know that Jack’s gonna be around a long time as the Face of Boe, so we SHOULD see him every now and again…

  4. id like to see river song. cu the Dr still has to give her his screw driver befor sshe travals bacck in time andd he meets her for the first time.

    id like to see captin jack cuz id love to see how he ages and trans formes in to the face of bode but river song is more inportint cuz her story still seems unfinished where as jacks dos seem likee it could be finished

  5. John F says:

    I would love to see the ood again. It would also be fun to encounter Stormageddon as an adult.

  6. Jennifer Symonds says:

    It’s a shim I couldn’t vote for both River and Jack. Also Rose. Deffently Rose.

    • Amanda Lux says:

      Rose’s story is done, her song has ended. She’s locked in a parallel universe, permanently. They squeezed her in during the 50th, but she really can’t come back again. Get over it already. Besides, Moffat would screw that whole story up, and it’s good the way it ended.

  7. Aldo-timelord says:

    Dorium or hurt

  8. Captain Jack is always fun to see and I’m a little worn out on River Song for a bit. But the one character I want to see. The one I’ve been waiting for. The one I’m freaking DYING to know what happened to is Susan. Y’know, the Doctor’s Granddaughter. First companion, only real known family.
    She’s possibly Gallifreyan, so it could easily be a new reincarnation. Or maybe they could have the original actress come back and actually reincarnate in an episode! Seriously, how cool would that be?!?!?!?
    But sure, yeah, Captain Jack would be good too, I guess.

    • Josh says:

      Holy crap why has nobody thought of this already! That’s an amazing idea!!!!!

    • Aspen Davies says:

      YES!!! I’ve been wondering what happened to susan aswell!!! she was mentioned by Matt Smith once so she hasnt been forgotten!!!!!!! SHE NEEDS TO COME BACK!!!! i also belive we need jack back

    • Lochlan Kriesfeld says:

      Captain Jack and Susan.
      They’re who I want to see again.
      That would be amazing.
      You hit the nail on the head.

    • Elvisomar says:


      “One day I shall come back” Okay, but we are still waiting. There is a big finish story where McGann’s Doctor meets up with Susan and her son but I really think it needs to happen on screen. And preferably before Carole Ann Ford isn’t available to do it.

  9. Amanda says:

    I think I would like an episode where they are both in it 🙂 imagine! LOL. I don’t know why people hate on River so much. I like her. And capt Jack hasn’t been on in a long time.

  10. Efi says:

    Both!!! I want both!! I love both!! I refuse to choose.

  11. emiqu says:

    i think Jeni/geni should come back cause they left that on a cliff hanger

  12. Greig says:

    Always fun to see River, but would really like to see Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, make one more appearance.

  13. kyle says:

    I think that both should come back,i loved captin Jack, but then again, we need river for the story(when the doctor gives river his screwdriver when she dies, we still have not seen this). So i don’t quite know who to vote for, but why not both?

  14. Pete says:

    Eccleston & RTD out of the question?

    • Amanda Lux says:

      Yeah, Eccleston only did that one season and doesn’t want to come back. I’m hoping RTD could come back in, he made the most wonderful and in depth, non-puzzle companions.

  15. Andreas Lund says:

    What about getting in the face of boe and telling the story about how jack became the face of boe 🙂

  16. AJ says:

    Jack cant come back because moffit can kill him unexpectedly and to which he come back unexpectedly

  17. otis says:

    River and ofcorse jack

  18. Keith Davey says:

    I can remember hearing River Song saying to Matt Smith that he wasn’t “her Doctor”, so maybe Peter Capaldi is. Also who is the mother of the Doctor’s daughter? Maybe River Song? I’d also like to see Captain Jack Harkness return with his “Doctor Who” persona rather than how he is portrayed in the “Torchwood” series.

  19. Gryphon says:

    I’d love to see either one, really. Jack should pop up now & again bc he is the Face of Boe & will live a gazillion years. His character is fun & offers Moffat a nice temporary companion or crowbar to get the Doctor out of a tight squeeze. River, on the other hand, will be there in an exciting new dynamic. Capaldi is so much older than Smith, that now River & the Doctor will look hot together, not just be intellectual ‘ship’ candy for fangirls/boys. Moffat can also use her as an ‘anchor’ for the Doctor when his quest to discover Gallifrey takes him too far from who he is & what the promise of his name means. His wife should be a more important grounding force than any companion, methinks.

  20. Michael says:

    I’d rather see Jack Harkness in a new season of Torchwood. There is still much we haven’t seen of River, but we’ve seen a lot of Jack.

  21. Rae says:

    I LOVE BOTH! I don’t know, Rose bothered me but I loved River and I mean you can never get enough John Barrowman. I just want to see River with a Doctor her own age it would complete the story for me kowing she actually knew a Doctor her age.

  22. Eleonora says:


  23. Maikel says:

    River song her story arch was completed in “the wedding of river song”. And in “the name of the doctor everything has passed and she is the data ghost in the library, still able to communicate. She would make a more suitable partner for capaldi, (maybe he could even restore/replace her physical body?) Harkness his story arch has still not been tied up to the point where he becomes the “face of beau” yet. Both actors are aging however, so this should be done soon, and not in 10 years from now.

    Both characters could appear easily in the next run, but storywise it would make more sence to go with Harkness, and reunite with river in season 9.

  24. Dallas says:

    I think River’s story is done and as much as I would love to see Jack again, so much has changed with Children Of Earth for the worst but I would like to see him interact with Twelve and Clara. But I’d rather see More Sontarans(and I mean more Sontarans like Linx Staal, and Styre and less like Strax) The Rutans, The Great Vampires, more Ice Warriors with more creepier voices, Sutekh, The Celestiel Toymaker, Fenric, The Black Guardian, The Mara, The Daleks return with The Dalek Emperor and Davros and Skaro’s resurrection is explained.
    With Gallifrey falls no more, I hope we see Rassilon(but please written more like how he is in the novels and less like EOT Rassilon) Omega, The Other, The Rani, The War Chief, The Meddling Monk and The Master(I want to see The Master, but I only want The Master back if he’s more like his Classic Who selves, The Drumming(half assed lazy origin when he has a better origin in the Big FInish Audio Master and the novel Dark Path) is gone, because The Master is best when he’s The Master, not some Joker ripoff and not some mix between Frank Gorshin’s Riddler and Pee Wee Herman who is evil and loony toony because he hears drumming. The Master is a scheming, methodical, diabolical manipulative hypnotizing mastermind who wants nothing more than The Doctor’s defeat and total control and subjugation of the universe.)

  25. Xetramniz says:

    Captain Jack Harkness MUST COME BACK. If Moffat is going to explain about Maxil, John Frobisher and Lucius, we need Captain Jack Inmidiatly. Moffat even wanted to bring Jack Back for A Good Man Gows To War, but he was doing Torchwood in the USA when he called him.

    And Jenny, we need Jenny back

    Maybe River Song, i like her, but, i thing that with just one episode to interact with Capaldi is enough.

  26. Gregory says:

    Can’t we have both?! Imagine the innuendo!! 😛

  27. Stephen says:

    The door has been left open for a while, so it would be nice to get here back into the bringing her back into storylines sounds a good idea. Both Jack & River could be brought in. Just watch the sparks fly!

  28. Grim says:

    What about one of the real older adversary types, like The Meddling Monk in a new body or sommat. I think they could do a lot with it

  29. Emma says:

    Why not River and Jack both, it would be so fantastic !

  30. LeeOnami says:


  31. connor says:

    A and b and c = Impossible choise

  32. Karen says:

    River and Jack. and The Doctor’s daughter. And Susan, darn it!
    but Never, ever bring back Rose. please anyone but Rose.

  33. Jrdon says:


  34. Joe Holmes says:

    I think Jack and river should come back but also Jenny the doctors daughter should come back. I have heard that donna noble will come back have a look at this- Donna Noble is back! With the help of her Faithful yet recently deceased grandfather Wilfred Mott and a mysterious figure known only as Dolores, Donna slowly started remembering her time with the Doctor. She begins training her time lord persona and keeps herself from burning up and dying. But her quest to be reunited with The Doctor leads her into mortal peril.
    Dolores is revealed to be an early incarnation of ‘The Master’ and he is soon using Donnas growing Meta Crisis powers for his own gain.
    Donnas powers begin spiralling out of control. With authorities, government and sinister men in black after her and no way of finding her friend will Donna survive.

  35. Jim says:

    Capt. Jack’s character has been overused. Love RiverSong, but would really love to see K-9 come back.

  36. Trisha says:

    I just love Barrowman..can’t help it! Love Alex Kingston too, but just love Barrowman!

  37. Katherine says:

    While I wouldn’t throw a fit if either of them came back, I have different reasons for wanting both of them to stay in the eras that we met them in.

    Jack Harkness was great and wonderful. I loved him in every episode I saw him in and was the ultimate comic relief while also bringing his own level of charm and seriousness to the situation. I would never put up a fight to him returning. Ever. But at the same time, he’s lived up to his potential. Jack has come and gone and we’ve moved on. If they brought him back, they’d need a solid reason for it. Maybe something to do with the last events of Torchwood and Ianto’s death.

    We’ve pretty much seen all of River Song’s timeline. It was literally released in a special showing her full time line. River Song is by far one of my favorite characters, and I loved her story and relationship with the Doctor. I can see it if River were to meet 12, but at the same time, “Goodbye Sweetie.” I’m ready to move on now. She was perfect in every episode I met her, and I’m afraid of her story being pushed too far.

    I won’t fight if either of them came back. But at the same time, can’t we let it be for now? It’s all too fresh and sudden. Let’s wait a bit before we move forward please.

  38. Fornaro says:

    River Song HAS to end with Eleventh, or at least come for a farewell episode (the last chapter of her book) but not at the moment.

    However,Captain Jack has to come,he is a great actor !

  39. Chris says:

    I want both of them to return

  40. Shepard says:

    Can’t I vote for all three?

  41. AliceK.Lylava says:

    Alex Kingston as River Song ♥

  42. hophigh says:

    I’d love to see River again, but I don’t really want to see the Doctor being romantic with her. Matt and Alex were gorgeous together, and as much as I love Peter, I don’t know how well they could top that.

    I feel like this is could be a great opportunity to explore River’s young and reckless days. We could see her before she’s married, even! We haven’t seen very much of that yet, (just in LKH, I think) and it would be interesting to see how she deals with her new life after all her training and conditioning from Kovarian and the Silence.

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