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Peter Capaldi: 5 Things To Know About The New ‘Doctor Who’

Posted by Craig Hurle on December - 27 - 2013

Here are five things you should know about Peter Capaldi:


1. In World War Z, he played the character named, “W.H.O. Doctor” — which is absolutely hilarious!

2. This is the fifth time he’s played a doctor. In 2011, he played Dr. Pete in the TV series, The Field of Blood. In 2006, he played Dr. Angus Baldwin in one episode of Donovan, and in 2003 he played Dr. Ronnie Pilfrey in Fortysomething. From 2005 to 2012, he played a spin doctor in BBC’s The Thick of It.

3. Peter is married to Elaine Collins and they live in Crouch End, a borough north of London with their daughter Cecily.

4. He will use his Scottish accent as the 12th Doctor.

5. He attended Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, and was a singer of Dreamboys, a punk rock band. Their drummer was comedian, Craig Ferguson.


Doctor Who returns in Autumn 2014 for a Full Series run of 12 episodes. How excited are you for Peter Capaldi’s first series run?

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107 Responses so far.

  1. Elliot says:

    Why do we have to wait that long?

    • Andrea says:

      My sentiments EXACTLY! First thing I thought is AUTUMN?THATS LIKE ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR AWAY :'(

      • Cindy says:

        It’s been changed to August not autumn.
        And we have to wait that long so they can get an entire season filmed but there will be no mid series break this time. (And Moffat has also promised the next series will also be a solid run)

  2. Evil Snow says:

    Regarding number 4: “He will use his Scottish accent as the 12th Doctor. While they have all been British leading up to Peter, he will not change his accent.”

    Didn’t Sylvester McCoy use his ordinary Scottish speaking voice when he played the Doctor back in the 80s?

  3. dazzletag says:

    Scottish is a British accent – also, didn’t the 7th Doctor sport a Scots accent?

  4. John says:

    Peter Capaldi is British as Scotland is part of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Scottish accent is a British accent, just not English.
    Sylvester McCoy the 7th Doctor used his Scottish accent.

    If you going to talk about a British TV show at least try and learn the difference between British and English.

    • WetMogwai says:

      People in Scotland have a British accent, but not because they’re part of the UK. It is because they’re on the island of Britain. If they become independent, they’ll still speak with a British accent, they’ll just be more likely to have a problem with being described as having an English accent than they already do.

      • John says:

        LOL as a Scottish and British person I find it funny, I know which Island I live on and by the way it is called Great Britain not just Britain and the clue is also in the name United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

        • Claire says:

          Actually, the island itself is called Britain, the British Isles are the little islands around it, together they make Great Britain. Ireland is not British, it is the only part of the UK that isn’t.

          (I’m Brummie, not American)

    • austin robinson says:

      thank you. when people think of a british accent they automatically think english accent.

      • Kiersten says:

        Honestly, a part from some different area vernacular most English accents are hardly noticeable to me (NY),whereas Scottish is delightful and I always enjoy it.

    • LaurenC says:

      “Sorry, Are you talking Scottish now?”

    • Nathan says:

      It’s a British accent with a Scottish dialect. Like people in the US speak with an American accent, but in Texas or Georgia and the like, have a Southern dialect. Splitting hairs, really

  5. Beverly says:

    If Clara is going to continue on, I can see Capaldi taking up more of a fatherly role than other. It would be interesting to see that. I would really like to see River song continue to appear. Q: Is she Clara’s grandmother?! Otherwise, I am really looking forward to another season!

    • Sam Cross says:

      River Song died in name of the doctor she cant come back, i would captain jack back and Martha Jones maybe to make the show more exciting

      • Bran says:

        Incorrect sir (unless “Sam” is short for Samantha, then most people would say “sir” is not the appropriate word), she was already dead before the start of the name of the doctor, that did not stop her from showing up, also a version of River from another point in her timeline could always show up.

        • Jack Nyx says:

          Like Bran says, River is already dead. Or deadish…this is Moffat’s creation, for all we know River could be 3D-printed from CAL and what not! But, I am all for the idea that she could turn up becuase as Bran points out – she has seen all his faces, that implies that this is a real possibility. (I sure as hell hope so, I’d rather see her again than Martha Jones, no offense, “Blink” is a super episode…but really….Martha?)

      • The BlackArchives says:

        River Song died in ‘The Name of the Doctor’? Did you watch series 4? She died in the episode ‘Forest of the Dead’ (2008).

        • chris lightsey says:

          I believe River is still alive because of the fact he rewrote his own history when he saved Gallifrey and I think of the butterfly effect that allowing things to take a new turn instead of the staying the way it was suppose to happen

        • Deb says:

          River Song’s past is the doctor’s future. She can be dead but still show up in his timeline.

        • Cindy says:

          Due to River being a time traveler herself she can actually show up whenever Moffat feels like it.
          Also, he has already stated he wants to but he needs to have a good story line first.

          Captain Jack may be The Face of Boe and he died. That doesn’t mean that Jack can’t return at some other point.

  6. Lesley-Anne says:

    Emm a Scottish accent is a British accent… Don’t you mean the previous doctors have had various different English accents!

  7. Dan says:

    Crouch End is a small suburb in North London, part of Greater London – what people generally know as “London”.

    It’s not a city, is what I’m saying.

  8. Emma Groves says:

    I’m not yet convinced that Peter will be a good twelfth doctor because of his age and how i loved Matt Smith, he was my favourite doctor. I loved his send off because they bought back Amelia and Clara got to say a final good bye but I didn’t like how they hinted that the twelfth doctor doesn’t remember because of him asking Clara how to fly the tardis. I’m hoping i’ll eat my words and love Peter Capaldi but I have a feeling I won’t be too keen 🙁

    • Beverly says:

      Id like to think him not remembering how to fly the tardis may be one of the gliches of regeneration like not knowing your favourite food ie fish fingers and custard. I think i will give Capaldi the benefit of the doubt and just wait and see.

    • Alyssa says:

      The “not knowing how to fly the TARDIS” is a running joke, seen throughout the series. The entire series. There have been older Doctors, it’s just recently that they have been young. I really liked Matt Smith too, but I think Capaldi will do a fine job. While I like the reboot, it’s sad that a lot of people have no idea about Classic Who. Folks need to think beyond the reboot, there is a lot more Who than Nine, Ten and Eleven…

      • Frazer says:

        Doctor Who as it is is not a reboot. Classic Who and the New Series Adventures are a continuation with the same storyline and central characters. To reboot means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory from the beginning.

        • Dana Barton says:

          I went back and watched the old Dr. Who’s…I know they are a beloved series for all in Britain…However, what caught on in the US was the young, energetic, new special effects and great story lines. I love it b/c it is old and long running but, I did not like the old series. I thought they were silly and boring…I know I have just offended every true Whovian out there but, I just discovered Dr. Who with the 9th Dr. and Bad Wolf!!! I loved her!!! The action and the excitement is addictive. I didn’t find that in the old ones. So, I am the Next Generation Whovian, I guess. I adore 9, 10, 11 and the Doctor who wouldn’t call himself the Doctor….I love Rose Tyler and the fact that #10 left himself (copy) with her. But, she keeps showing up. I want there to be more of her story! And Torchowood, there was another reason these Dr. Who’s are so popular vs. the old ones. In my opinion…

          • TheBlackArchives says:

            What? The classic era had some amazing and clever written stories! Typical American, can’t watch a tv show that hasn’t got good SPFX!

          • Amanda Lux says:

            It makes it truly more meaningful and easy to understand some things when you know at least something about Classic Who. I’m 15 years old and I love the classics, I adore them. So what if some are black & white? So what if a wormhole is just a painted spinning plate and the ship being pulled in is a plastic model on a string? It’s good, because the stories have soul.

    • C.W. Smith says:

      The whole can’t remember how to fly the TARDIS is completely within the realm. Regeneration always throws things off and there are always moments of regeneration induced mania. He’ll be fine once the neurons settle in.

      Getting an older Doctor isn’t bad persay. Matt Smith was the Youngest of the Time Lords Versions to date. We’ll just have to see how it works out. How the interactions between him and Clara are and things of that nature. Every Regeneration is a chance for the next actor to take the character in a slightly different direction. Personally I came to enjoy Smith more then Tennant as David seemed to be that young physics professor that knows everything and tries to explain it. Matt seemed to start off as a History Professor and over time has in my view evolved into more of a philosophizer and kind wizardly person. I find myself preferring that sort of thing these days.

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t think that the 12th Doctor Doesn’t remember. He’s newly regenerated. That always comes with hiccups. A little brain scrambling while he gets his feet under him isn’t outside of what’s happened in prior regenerations.

    • Kim says:

      Emma just try to give him a chance. I remember when Matt first started the fandom had a collective heart attack because they felt he was too young to play the Doctor. Fast forward to the present and we have people not knowing what to do with an older Doctor. The magic of Doctor Who is that he will always change, but he will always be our madman with a blue box.

      • Yendor says:

        Is it time to fix the chameleon circuit and replace the blue box ?

        • TheBlackArchives says:

          I forgive your blasphemy!

        • Amanda Lux says:

          The blue box must always be. There are some things that never change, and that is one. What kind of hero would he become if his ship stopped being something in which one calls for help? That’s what the box is, a symbol, a representation of what our hero means.

    • Angie says:

      I’m sorry, if you have an issue with the Doctor just because he’s older, maybe you should stick to Twilight and One Direction. The first Doctor was in his 70s or 80s when he started. If you can’t take the fandom as a whole, including the classics, then you can’t really call yourself a true fan…just a fan girl that likes the “hot” doctors. Please don’t be one of those, but that’s what your comment is leading me to believe. And as it’s been said several times, forgetting how to fly the TARDIS is nothing new, as you would have known had you watched anything but the “hot” doctors. Please do everyone and yourself a favor and catch up on some classics before you continue with this new Doctor. His age has absolutely nothing to do with his acting ability, and he shouldn’t get pre-judged because of it. Sorry if this is coming across as mean or rude, but I can’t stand people who are wanting to disregard him because of his age. That’s bull, and most of the time reveals that those people aren’t true Whovians.

      • Mary says:

        Angie, Hartnell was 55, the same age as Peter Capaldi when he took on the role of the First Doctor.

      • Deb says:

        Good grief, Angie, chill out. I am 57 years old, and I can be a fan of the show without embracing all its components. The years of hero worship or belonging to a faction have passed. I don’t watch the “hot” doctors because they’re hot. Indeed, I do not think Matt Smith is that attractive physically. But he has an energy and a knack for nailing a comedic line that appeals to me and entertains me. That’s all I’m looking for. So go put a Capaldi poster on your wall and breathe.

      • Andrea says:

        Just a thought,but why is EVERYONE presuming because Capaldi’s older is character wont be hot? I mean I segrigate the hot doctors, fav of all time was 4, but I LOVED 9’s energy and HAVE to admit liked 10 because he was like 9 but hot and actually 9’s pretty attractive, but doctor who wasn’t meant to be a love story he was just sposed to be a good alien who loved planet earth & as he travelled he found he enjoyed ‘saving it from the big bad’ alot,ALOT! IF u love the concept of that alien,what he looks like is irrelevant surely? and sorry posting this as a reply to yr comment but theres no where else to put it, I kinda agree with you! I think its safe to say, the fandom may lose a few Matt fans,but who cares? Capaldi ISNT old for a doctor its just Matt WAS VERY VERY young for one!

        • Maudlin Hart says:

          Hear hear! Personally, I’m of the opinion that the Doctor’s been hot since 1963, and am very much looking forward to the debonair Mr. Capaldi!

      • Shayla says:

        You are COMPLETELY right.

    • Deb says:

      Maybe they’ll bring in an older actress as the next “companion.” In any event, they certainly need to kill any hints of romance between the Doctor and Clara. He is now old enough to be her father, and almost old enough to be her grandfather.

      • lolguy says:

        Deb, he was always approximately 1200 years too old for her. He was about 870 years too old for Rose. I mean are you saying that if a hundred year old guy were able to swallow a pill or something and turn himself into a 15 year old, would it be okay for him to go and date a high school girl? It’s either wrong because your age and wisdom so far exceed hers to the point where her ability to make a reasonable decision is compromised. Clara seems to me to be an adult, so if she likes to date 1800 year old body swapping aliens that’s her business, because truth be told if Jenna Coleman were to fall in love and marry Peter Capaldi that would pretty much be none of your business. (As the girl who played Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter, actually did marry David Tennant who I believe is like 41 now, and she’s 29)

        • Deb says:

          Well, this is fiction, and physically it is a lot harder to sell a romance between an older man and a younger woman when they LOOK old and young.

          • Brian says:

            Being the Doctor’s Companion traditionally has not involved romance. Donna & the post Marriage Amy are closer to the Doctor/Companion relationships. The Companions being in love with the Doctor & vice versa didn’t happen till the 2005 serial.

          • Yet you had no trouble with River Song (with Alex Kingston who is 51) selling her romance with Matt Smith who’s in his 20s?

          • Deb says:

            You know, Jessica, I really didn’t. I don’t know if it was because of the actress’ ability to pull off the role or the fact that she doesn’t look her age. Of course, Capaldi doesn’t look his age; he looks about 10 years older. That might be a factor.

          • Claire says:

            I think Matt’s ability to look like an old soul is what helped pull off their relationship.

            I don’t agree that Peter looks 10 years older than he is, most of my friendship group are his age and he doesn’t look much different.

        • Mistress says:

          What really annoys me is the assumption that the Doctor would WANT a romance with a human. He’s an alien, and although he looks outwardly similar to a human, it doesn’t mean that he would find a human sexually attractive, or even that he has sexual feelings (or equipment).
          Bear in mind that I, as a human being, share 98% of DNA with a gorilla, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to mate with one, cute as they can be, and I couldn’t get pregnant by one without medical intervention.
          It’s possible to be a friend, travelling companion, co-worker with someone, but not be sexually attracted. I hope they emphasise the alien nature of the Doctor more and put a stop to any romance between him and any of his companions. Keep that for the soaps.

    • cRAIG says:

      but this could be fun…over the years the doctors can put the tardis anywhere they wanted… it could be intresting for them just to know know where they are going again… harking back to the forth doctor and the randomizer.

      all kinds of surprises could be instore for theDoctor and clara

    • Brian says:

      In addition to the standard regeneration brain scrambling, the Doctor had not really flew the Tardis in several hundred years.

    • Daniel Johnson says:

      Colin Baker almost strangled his companion to death post regeneration, David Tennant went all loopy and quoted the Lion King at really inopportune times and spent most of his first episode….asleep. Matt Smith went on a food binge and crashed the Tardis. Tom Baker completely forgot who he was. Jon Pertwee forgot how to fly the TARDIS.

      Well within the Dr Who Realm, I’d say.

      • Maudlin Hart says:

        To be fair, Pertwee forgot how to fly the TARDIS because the knowledge was purposefully wiped from his brain as part of his punishment for interference- but Doctor Two started talking in third person after his regeneration, Five started calling his companions by all the wrong names and went into a coma, Seven had a bit of amnesia- and then there’s Eight (“WHO! AM! I!”)… so a touch of forgetfulness is nothing new.

    • Claire says:

      Totally normal for the Doctor to be confused when he’s regenerated.

  9. TheBlackArchives says:

    I’m guessing he’s lost his memory because of being reset, that doesn’t mean he won’t get total recall at some point. The Master in the new era can remember his times with the third Doctor and he’s on his second life cycle. Also, if The Curator is indeed the future Doctor, then we know he’ll get his memory back at some point?

  10. There is no overall British accent. McCoy used his Scottish accent, Tenant used an English accent like Barrowman with his American accent but they are all Scottish! 😉

  11. Kitt says:

    I bet Craig is having a field day with his ex band mate as the new doctor…and maybe a wee bit jealous…? Lol

    • hilldill says:

      I want to see Craig as the new Master, but that is just me.

      • lolguy says:

        that’d be brilliant, I watch craig’s show sometimes hoping for a shout out, so far, nothing, he tweeted a congratulations, but he didn’t film the month it was announced and I watched like the first two weeks religiously assuming he’d say SOMETHING, but never did, so I guess he’s saving it all for when peter comes on the show which you know will happen since he got matt to come on a few different times. there’s even a cut opening sequence with an original song and daleks and craig singing about the doctor and what it’s all about, it was filmed and everything including matt at the end, but they couldn’t get the rights to air it in time for airing, but now it’s on youtube, I’d check it out if I were you. plus when he did his week in Scotland awhile back he had a full sized tardis in at least one episode for something

      • Kitt says:

        I would watch that for sure.

  12. sm1toldme says:

    Guys what if he can’t remember how to fly it because he didn’t for 500+ years? And you know he used to drop acid with Craig Ferguson?

    • lolguy says:

      except for the first part I thought pretty much the same thing. That assumes that we aren’t missing like a lot more adventures with 11 than we can ever imagine. Remember way back when Rose aired and Rose goes and meets the internet loon who’s investigating the Doctor and there’s all these pictures of 9 from the past, like at the JFK shooting and whatnot, and we never see those adventures and rose is with him pretty much constantly so people would ask, when did 9 ever go on those adventures and what some people postulated is at the end of Rose, he invites her,says it’s a space ship, she says no, he dematerializes completely, then rematerializes and says “did I mention it can travel in time?” and she goes with him. A lot of people think he might have gone off after that dematerialization, had tons of adventures, got bored and lonely and came back a second after he’d left just to throw off that line about it being a time machine to see if that would convince her. So that’s totally possible. The only reason I bring that up is that the narrative of the show certainly seems to imply he hasn’t used his TARDIS in centuries, but he could always have popped off and done whatever for however long and have literally been back before he left, so he might have used his TARDIS 11 minutes before clara got there. now I obviously am going to assume that the Doctor decided to be sheriff of a town called Christmas for his last incarnation and am all for it, it’s a tender and sweet look into this character’s soul.

  13. Snow says:

    Everyone seems to have missed the obvious mistake between points 1 and 2: They list 4 times he’s played a “doctor”, and they’re saying that “The Doctor” will make 5; but in point 1, they mention he plays a doctor….so this would be 6, not 5, learn to count.

  14. AstroWolfD says:

    Seriously… it’s post-regeneration amnesia. That’s all, that’s the reason he can’t remember how to fly the TARDIS. Look back at the regens of other Doctors, most had it.

  15. The Schaef says:

    Eccleston spoke with a northern accent.

    Cause, you know, lots of planets have a north.

  16. Kathryn says:

    I love Capaldi and everything but it ******* me off immensely that he is using his Scottish accent. This is because David Tennant was told he wasn’t allowed to use it and had to fake a “regular” British accent.

    • El says:

      “Fake” he’s an actor.

    • lolguy says:

      but tennant was an unknown basically when he took the role, peter capaldi brings with him the heft of the 9th doctor, a guy who’s stared in a lot of things way before this role, and so people see him in a certain way already. It would have been kind of weird to have Chris Eccleston talk different, but Tennant it sounded very natural, the 7th doctor used his Scottish accent and it was great, and having heard capaldi, I’m all for it, how far a stretch is it that a man can explode and literally become a whole new person, in almost any way, BUT NOT HIS ACCENT GOD#@$%IT

    • Maudlin Hart says:

      Doesn’t seem to alter his enthusiasm for the role, love, so there’s no need to go on the warpath for Mr. Tennant. And he Scottished in “Tooth and Claw”.

  17. AnnoyedScott!! says:

    4. He will use his Scottish accent as the 12th Doctor. While they have all been British leading up to Peter, he will not change his accent.
    >While they have all been British leading up to Peter, he will not change his accent.
    >While they have all been British leading up to Peter
    >all been British

    This is by far the most retarded thing I have EVER read…. is the author of this piece AWARE that even though Peter is Scottish, the Scottish accent is a British Accent, as Scotland is the Northern most part of BRITAIN?! Ergo, Peter will still be speaking with a British accent, as he is British?

    Change it, before you educate other people so badly on their geography.

  18. Chris says:

    I thought Tennant was a wee bit Scottish as well. It’s not the accent that matters, but rather the stories and the acting. My chief disappointment is the enormous hiatus between seasons. What ? No reruns ? I basically watch BBC and a couple news channels and have to shell out $100/month for it (paying for hundreds of boring useless and unwanted channels). It’s almost not worth it ? Wish I could ala carte 5 channels for $5/month instead.

    They’ve got momentum NOW. Time dissipates momentum. Sure, you’ll cull the less devout viewers. But should you ? Christmas is over. It’s a long stretch to next year to get the new merch.

  19. 12th Doctor says:


  20. andywills says:

    Does anyone really care about all this drivel? Let the poor bugger at least make an episode first

  21. Louisha says:

    Isn’t a Doctor Who series, or rather series 8 planned to be 13 episodes long?

  22. Andrew says:

    We also know he doesn’t like the colour of his kidneys lol.

    • Amanda Lux says:

      It’s believed that his comment “I don’t like the colour” was about the color of the inside of the TARDIS, which changed somewhat upon his regeneration. Although he may feel his kidneys being different, he obviously can’t see them, so how could he know what color they are? Besides, they’re probably the same colour as the last pair.

  23. brch2 says:

    I’m just hoping that Capaldi’s link to Craig Ferguson will mean Craig will finally get a chance to appear on Doctor Who in some capacity (even if he never gets to be the Doctor). I’d definitely love to see them togther on the show.

  24. John Smith says:

    As long as I don’t feel like I’m watching ‘The Thick of It’ in a TARDIS I have good hopes here, I couldn’t get into Matt Smith’s Doctor personally. Tennant or Pertwee for me. Then there’s the inevitable change due to newfound popularity.

  25. Chris says:

    The Doctor and River keep meeting OUT OF ORDER. She could still get Tardis flying lessons as Melody or get Rescued from the library (and reconstituted) should it meet Moffat’s fancy. Fiction and science fiction are quite malleable that way. The 12 generation count may also be a Timelord rule, not a fact of nature as the Master has repeatedly demonstrated, now at regen 15-18 or some such. The doctor may have been kick started to #13, or restarted to #1, or maybe it doesn’t matter as long as the fans keep watching. It’s not the Daleks or Cybermen or regen limits that hinder the Doctor, it’s the long spans from Christmas special to September new season. One good new SciFi series kicks in the it could be curtains….

  26. TheBlack Archives says:

    Jon Pertwee didn’t forget how to fly the TARDIS.

    • Maudlin Hart says:

      Actually, he did at first- it was part of his exile, he couldn’t remember the dematerialization codes for the TARDIS because of a mental block imposed by the Time Lords. After the events of “The Three Doctors” the block was lifted and his ability to fly the TARDIS was restored.

  27. Stephen Noel says:

    Having watched Peter Capaldi in Torchwood, I know he is perfectly capable of handling the role of The Doctor. It will be up to Moffat and his co-writers to give Peter something to work with. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can come up with for him.

  28. AVR2 says:

    There’s a sixth thing it’s interesting to know about Capaldi – as a teenager, he tried hard to wrestle control of the official Doctor Who Fan Club away from Keith Miller. It got to the point that the DW production office was getting tired of Capaldi’s interfering. It’s documented in Keith’s book “The Official Doctor Who Fan Club Vol.1”

  29. Q says:

    Crouch End! Literally 5 minutes away from me 😀

  30. Chris says:

    Wondering about the permanence of the blue police box ? When the 3 doctors got together the boxes were not exactly the same color. So the color is slightly mutable. The shape ? I think once it appeared as a church organ. But it wouldn’t be the first time a flagship disappeared.

    On the series Red Dwarf they lost their mining ship “Red Dwarf” for a couple seasons. Turns our nanobots dismantled it and hid it in the dirty sock bin (on the shuttlecraft Starbug) belonging to the vending machine repairman.

    Maybe the Timelords give him a new Tardis with a working chameleon circuit until the hoohah is over.

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