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The Eleventh Doctor Regenerates… The Twelfth Doctor Appears!

Posted by Craig Hurle on December - 26 - 2013

The Eleventh Doctor’s heart-breaking farewell… And the arrival of the Twelfth, as The Time of the Doctor concludes with a cliffhanger! 

What did YOU think to the Regeneration scene? How did rate to previous regenerations?

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83 Responses so far.

  1. Nicole says:

    if Matt Smith was number 12 and the cycle was reset, doesn’t that make Capaldi number 1.

    • Megan says:

      No. He’s still The Doctor….just like The Master is still The Master

      • Joseph says:

        No, Nicole is right. He said it’s a whole new cycle. He is The Doctor still but now Capaldi is the 1st doctor of the new cycle.

        • Hunter says:

          He is the 12th Doctor (the 12 regen to call himself the Doctor.) Capaldi is the 1st regen of the New Cycle but the 12th ‘Doctor’

          • Nicole says:

            but didn’t matt call himself the 12th doctor. the other time lords reset his cycle so capaldi is number 1

          • Anjali says:

            Well, it’s not exactly a reset… it’s more like the Time Lords gave him a new set of regenerations, independent of the set before it. This regeneration was the first regeneration from the new cycle; if you were to use similar notation to the notation used for his first cycle, technically, Smith (the Doctor immediately before the “first” regeneration) would be the first Doctor of the new cycle, and Capaldi (the Doctor immediately after the “first” regeneration) would be the second. I find it easier to think of the new cycle as just a new set of regenerations; the only difference between then and now is that the Doctor now has 11 regenerations left instead of none.

          • Jakk Frost says:

            Based on the numbering system used by fans to keep track of things, that has no actual bearing on the story whatsoever, he is the 12th Doctor.

          • Jason says:

            To get the ordering perfect and up to date following the 50th special Capaldi is the 13th doctor putting John hurt between Paul Mcgann and Eccleston, not forgetting David Tennants regeneration back to himself in the episode Journeys End making this his 12th regeneration unless you class his birth as a regeneration making it his 13th but who the hell knows how that works. it’s a timey wimey thing…lol

          • Sean says:

            Matt is the 11th – From Neil Gaiman -“If anyone corrects you and says “You mean TWELFTH!” when you say “Matt Smith was the eleventh Doctor” then that person is being irritatingly pedantic and should be pitied, in a nice way and with a gentle friendly, not-patronizing sort of love, because they will have long hard lives ahead of them.”

          • Autumn says:

            Ok, it is confusing but I think I got it. John Hurt is the 8th in a half doctor so it does not really count. So Capaldi would be the 12th, maybe even the 12th in a half.

          • Nelson says:

            Actually, if you watch the day of the doctor, they clearly say, “ALL 13 of him!” showing it’s still the doctor, and makes him #12.

    • Angie says:

      no, he’s just given the greatest second chance with a proper full regeneration process. Why are we so obsessed with numbers?

      • Nicole says:

        well the doctors cycle ended so he was supposed to die for good. the time lords intervened and rebooted the cycle. 12 regenerations gone, another new set was given to him making capaldi technically the first doctor

        • jay says:

          Angie is right, we shouldn’t be obsessed with numbers. Even though the Doctor now has a complete new life-cycle the current numbers don’t change. He will still be the 12th Doctor (not including Hurt’s Doctor in the counting).

          • Nicole says:

            but matt said before he died that even though he didn’t call himself the doctor john hurt was still the doctor so it still counted

          • Angie says:

            I feel that if the show continues on any further (doesn’t look like it’ll end anytime soon, at least I hope), the number will continue to ascend.

          • Anjali says:

            Meh. I like numbers. Thinking about the different ways you can consider the numbers and notation makes me think about how those different number systems and notations influence how we think about the subject itself (in this case, the Doctor and how we think of his different incarnations and where we mark different checkpoints in his lives). None of these numbering systems are wrong… but all of them reveal different ways of thinking about the Doctor. I’m all for having a discussion about the different ways people think of the numbering systems, and why they prefer one numbering method over another. But insisting that one numbering system is right and the rest are wrong is silly to me.

          • jay says:

            Yes Nicole, as far as regenerations go Matt Smith is the 12th. But he didn’t call himself that. He called himself the 11lth. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will still be known as the 12th, unless Moffatt chooses to “skip” 12 and go to 13 (which is doubtful). You’re over-analyzing the numbers.

          • Jakk Frost says:

            Nicole, the problem is you’re confusing “Doctors” with “regenerations”. John Hurt was a regeneration of the Doctor, but was not the Doctor in name. In name he was officially the War Doctor.

            The numbering system used for the Doctors is entirely fan-made and has no bearing on story at all (although Moffat has nodded to the system several times). They’re numbered based on the order they appeared to us as the Doctor. If he were to be counted by that system, he would technically be the 12th Doctor.

            And the new regeneration cycle doesn’t change who the being we know as The Doctor is, any more than changing the batteries in your wireless mouse makes it a brand new mouse. Capaldi is not the new 1st Doctor, he is the 12th Doctor, with a fresh set of batteries put in.

        • Sean says:

          12th doctor. His first regeneration with a new cycle but that doesn’t make him the first Doctor.

        • Autumn says:

          OK maybe but after the 12th doctor, the doctor would have died. So I don’t think he is starting the new cycle. But if he is good for Capaldi. But I am really sad about Matt. He was the coolest doctor ever. Besides David.:'(

    • Bill says:

      Remember what Neil Gaiman says about the numbers of the Doctor.

    • Neil says:

      I love the entire scene! The look on capaldi’s face is just great and leaves you ding to see more of him!!!

    • WhovianLove says:

      I think everyone is blowing this out of the water… its simple… if you put all the doctors in even the war doctor.. numbers dont matter…. 1-8~War Doctor~ 9-10 Then tennant regens into himself.. 11 and now 12..
      Ok that was number of doctors.. now the number of regens is 13… Peter is the 12th doctor 13th regeneration and 14th incarnation of the original doctor

    • Autumn says:

      Who knows, but here is a hint ask the writer’s. 😀

  2. Cynthia says:

    He did a clean reboot. No wonder he can’t remember how to fly the TARDIS.

  3. Ginny Auldridge says:

    I liked that it sneaked up on us, and that we have a farewell to the bow tie, and it is good that it was less violent than the last one, since the Doctor is being rewarded rather than punished now that his people survive.

    • Jeff says:

      The regen was not quick. It started in the tower and if you look closely (you need to watch it twice), you will see it was just as violent as when Matt made his first appearance. The difference this time is that the violent part did the reset and then another small burst of energy made the final change

  4. Kristen says:

    The regeneration was wonderful. Matt making that touching speech, then pulling off his bow tie before he just flinches and it’s Peter! I loved the quick regeneration and it made me excited to see Peter fully take on the role as the Doctor!

    • Autumn says:

      Well I think it should have been longer like David’s regeneration. It should have been sad to, like seriously its like Matt smith was there for a few seconds and then POOF! gone like that.

  5. Chandler says:

    The regeneration started when the Timelords sent the energy through the crack and the Daleks were destroyed (oh no not again) by the first wave of regeneration energy. The conversion from Smith to Capaldi was what was quick.

  6. caitlin butler says:

    I found it amazing sad to see matt go but it ended on a funny note with capaldi’s incarnation asking how to fly the TARDIS which is clearly what was going to happen as he was given another regeneration cycle and he rebooted if that is the right term to use so how to fly it would have been pushed out :))

  7. Elma says:

    Love it. Can someone please tell me what peter says after clara says what’s happening.

    • Georgia says:

      Clara: What’s happening
      Doctor: we’re prorbably crashing (Scottish accent)
      Clara: Into what?
      Doctor: Stay calm. One question, do you know the **** how to fly this ****?

    • Steve says:

      He says something along the lines of ‘We’re crashing’

    • diebs says:

      “We’re probably crashing!”
      “Into what?!”
      “Stay calm!…Just one question…do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”

      Capaldi is Scottish, and it sounds like he’s vaguely keeping some of his accent! So exciting. 🙂

  8. TheRevenant says:

    Capaldi not knowing how to fly the TARDIS has nothing to do with his ‘reboot’. Just because he got more regenerations doesn’t mean he’s suddenly lost all of his memories. This is just the ‘post regeneration madness’ we’ve seen countless times before.

    • Ava says:

      Just like in Classic Who, the doctor had amnesia when he first regenerated… But after a while the doctor should remembe.

      • Malou says:

        So he didn’t lose all his memories?? I was really affraid that’s what it meant! But then again, not sure if Moffat dared do that.. Can someone please explain what exactly happened with him ? He is the 12th doctor, but kinda also the 1st because of the reboot.. And can he remember who he was before and everything he’s done?

        • Daniel says:

          “So he didn’t lose all his memories?? I was really affraid that’s what it meant! But then again, not sure if Moffat dared do that..”

          We can suppose that it’s just post-regeneration madness. It always happens, in different ways.

          “Can someone please explain what exactly happened with him ?”

          Yes. The show can. Wait and watch 🙂

          “He is the 12th doctor, but kinda also the 1st because of the reboot..”

          1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-(War)-9-10-(Meta)-11-12: Capaldi.
          So he is the 12th.

          So he is the 13th.

          1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-War=9-10-11-Meta=12-13-14: Capaldi.
          So he is the 14th.

          1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-War=9-10-11-Meta=12-13-New Cycle 1: Capaldi.
          So he is the 1st.

          He is also the Second First, The WhatTheF*ckst and the Kidneyst.

          Just pick one, it doesn’t matter: we know how many times he regenerated and we know how many times he can regenerate. And we know he’s the Doctor.

          “And can he remember who he was before and everything he’s done?”
          We can suppose he can.
          Then again…
          Wait and watch 🙂

    • Autumn says:

      Ya this happens before to with the 8th doctor

  9. Chris says:

    And having River show up would have been too easy. Wait ! He forgot to bring the phone inside and to rescue River from the library computer. Happy landings !

    • Keith says:

      River showing up would have been too easy, but Moffat said that Name, Day, and Time of the Doctor were a pseudo Trilogy so in a way we already got our good-bye to River (as well as the Paternoster Gang, and a second goob-bye to 10 and Rose, though I hope it’s Rose’s final good-bye). And for your “he forgot’s” 1; he was already in the TARDIS when Clara got there so he might have already done that, or it was done during his time on the TARDIS before he sent Clara home for the second time. 2; River has never been confirmed as leaving the computer, in “Name of the Doctor” she telepathically linked to Clara, and possibly the Doctor as well, and while I hope that River makes a return in 12’s era, I also sort of find it disrespectful to Matt to have his wife flirting with another man (he says when he first becomes 10 that while he’s essentially the same person, several, vital aspects of him change). And I doubt that Capaldi, having not worked with Alex, can pull off being as in love with River as well as Matt did, and since he’s the Doctor and love always grows with that man, he’d have to be MORE in love.

      Sorry about the rant, but I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest

  10. Ava says:

    Matt’s regeneration into Capaldi makes me wonder… Does the intensity of the regeneration get stronger and stronger as the cycle goes on? And because he is the first doctor in the new cycle it only took him a split second to change forms, instead of matts regeneration into himself, which seemed a lot more powerful than Tennants into matts, because he was the last in the cycle? Hmm…

    • John says:

      I don’t think it gets stronger as the cycle goes on .. I think it was the kick from Gallefrey

      • Hunter says:

        I have a theory that says the power of the regen has to do with if the Doctor was ready. Tennant wasn’t ready to leave, so he tried to stop it, making the regen explosive. But Smith was ready to go. He was not fighting the regen at all. And so it happened very quickly and less explosively.

    • Anjali says:

      It could be that it took a split second to change from Smith to Capaldi because so much energy was used when the Doctor pretty much exploded Christmas and the Dalek warship. That regeneration was incredibly intense, considering what happened during the first half of it in Christmas.

  11. John says:

    What Colour are his kidneys 🙂 I actually loved this …

  12. Angie says:

    I think it was beautiful, but since I felt someway about the episode, I watched it over and I completely understand it.

    It goes along with Smith’s personality, his performance as the doctor and it was simply beautiful.

  13. Dayna Smith says:

    That is just creepy. They go from a young guy to an old guy. I was quite disappointed that they didn’t go for a younger guy

  14. Parbreaker says:

    I don’t know why everyone keeps calling it a “reboot.” The Time Lords have been known to grant extra regeneration cycles. He wasn’t rebooted, he was granted more. It took longer because the energy of 12 new regenerations was drawn into him all at once (hence the explosiveness with the Daleks) and his body had to adjust to the sudden influx of energy.

    The Master was given a new set of regenerations and resurrected to fight in the Time War and he didn’t forget anything.

    Regarding the piloting problems, it’s just typical post-regeneration craziness, which if you go back and watch each Doctor’s first scenes almost every one of them shows the Doctor having issues.

    The 3rd Doctor passed out and was asleep for quite a while.

    The 4th Doctor acted about as silly as can be and tried to dress in a clown outfit and immediately run away from Earth and Sarah Jane, not even remembering her or the Brigadeer at first…

    The 5th Doctor nearly died due to the stress and was only saved due to the influence of the Zero Room in the TARDIS.

    The 6th Doctor became paranoid and thought his companion was a spy and tried to choke her to death…

    The 7th Doctor had amnesia for a while and general confusion.

    The 8th Doctor had no clue who he was at all (although most of that was probably due to the drugs).

    The War Doctor seemed ok but you can’t be sure. Of course being on Karn and having an elixer probably smoothed out the whole process.

    The 9th Doctor is unknown.

    The 10th Doctor was passed out and in ill health for quite a while.

    The 10th Doctor’s second regeneration went smoothly, probably mostly due to him keeping the same molecular structure.

    The 11th Doctor was more uncoordinated than usual, though this was one of the more stable regenerations.

    So the 12th Doctor forgot how to fly the TARDIS… *shrugs* oh well, that’s regeneration!

  15. Jeff says:

    if anyone remembers, Matt also crashed the Tardis when he first arrived on the scene, hence the Tardis was on its side when it arrived in Amy Pond’s backyard…was nice to see the fish sticks and custard return.
    Amy’s last words…Ragedy Man, goodnight
    when she left, she said, Ragedy Man, goodbye

  16. Jeff says:

    He should have left the bow tie on and left it for the next doctor to remove it, just as Matt was wearing David’s suit and tie, when he first arrived

    • Keith says:

      as I’ve said before, he removed the tie because it would’ve choked the next regeneration if he’d had a larger neck (we knew it’d be Capaldi, but 11 didn’t). If you watch the end of “The End of Time” David loosens his tie and undoes the top button of his shirt, Matt’s top button is also undone. Yes I know that the actors are wearing resized versions of the outfits, but in-show it’s the same outfit, so the characters have to adjust before hand. We didn’t see this with 9-10 because 9 didn’t wear ties or anything with buttons

  17. Eloise says:

    I really hope that the relationship between Clara and Capaldi’s Doctor is reminiscent of the First Doctor’s relationship with Susan. I would love for Twelve (I know he’s not the twelfth Doctor, but I’m calling him Twelve anyway) to be a sort of grandfather to Clara. I also hope that he’s overprotective and she calls him ‘Grandad’ or something just to annoy him.

  18. Chandler says:

    wasn’t grandad used for the War Doctor, sand shoes for 10, ears for 9 and chinny for 11? So far Capaldi is psycho eyes.

  19. My Name's not important says:

    Is it just me, or was Capaldi a little quiet and hard to hear when it was on TV? I couldn’t make out a single word…

  20. - says:

    The doctor can’t keep getting younger actors, it’ll just get boring. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like him now, no one ever really likes the doctor when they first see him, then learn to love him!

  21. TheRevenant says:

    I didn’t have any trouble, though I am fairly comfortable with a Scottish accent, and indeed Peter’s voice in general, as I’ve seen him in a lot of roles.

  22. chris says:

    I had trouble hearing him too. I was all excited to see his appearance then I had to watch that scene 3 times just to figure out what he was saying.

  23. Chandler says:

    Moffat said that the numbering of the Doctors is a fan thing and not a cannon thing. Then Smith popped in saying he liked being 11. The most important thing about the reboot is NOT to mention Ears…

  24. Christia says:

    That awkward moment when you sneeze so hard you turn into Peter Capaldi.

  25. Mr Questionmark says:

    I have said and will continue to say as regards the numbering the second doctor’s (Patrick Troughton) into the third (Jon Pertwee) was forced by the timelords so would not really count to the number of regenerations, as that one was instigated by the very same people that reset his current regenerations.

    • Sean says:

      Well you would be wrong. It was a forced regeneration which counts as a regeneration. 10 didn’t really change but he still used his regeneration.

  26. paula says:

    So in order to be a proper fan do you have to argue about numbers, plotlines big enough to drive a tardis through, blah blah blah? Im Not gonna say im a whovian but i am a huge huge geeky fan, who can expain the river song story or how the doctor didnt die the 1st time at lake silencio to a non who fan, and likes to enjoy episodes over and over again. Does it make me less of a fan – NO!!!!!

  27. Chandler says:

    Kidneys it shall be.

  28. Chandler says:

    For the love of all that is Whovian, I hope Capaldi’s next line is- but *I* do! = as he commands the console.

  29. K. says:

    Dropping his bow tie I thought was a very poignant moment.

  30. Chandler says:

    It would be nice if Capaldi picks it up. There is something comforting about continuity.

  31. Chris says:

    Technically the Time Lords and Gallifrey shouldn’t exist either. Not worth fretting about. Exceptions are the rules. River can be rescued from the library. The Doctor has had a long time to think and plan. Jack or Santa Claus, Hogwarts or Lady Pompadour too. I can think of way out schemes to nearly anytime happen with temporal and transdimensinal engineering. Clever is the name of the game.

  32. Jeff says:

    Post regeneration maddness…happened to Matt Smith also…remember he crashed the Tardis on Earth after regenerating. Of course David came fully functional…he knew where he was…remember “where was I, oh yes, Barcelona”

    • Tim?!? Weston says:

      And then proceeded to spend the majority of his first episode on his back in PJs.

      Still heartbroken. No GERONIMO!!! The bow-tie moment was tear jerking though.

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